Scholastic Chess Tournament Floor Judge Guide

Conduct of Players, Parents and Coaches

All involved with the tournament will conduct themselves with good sportsmanship. Rules decisions with be guided by the 5th Edition of the Official Rules of Chess. However, the tournament director may use discretion in how the rules apply to this scholastic event. The event will be "touch move" and "touch take". You are not required to announce check.

Score Sheets


1 for win

0 for loss

.5 for draw

1F for forfeit win

0F for forfeit loss

.5F for forfeit draw
BdResWhite Player NameResBlack Player Name
10 Player1 (rating)1 Player2 (unr.)
20F Player3 (rating)1F Player4 (unr.)
3.5 Player5 (rating).5 Player6 (unr.)
4.5F Player7 (rating).5F Player8 (unr.)

Please initial and submit scoring sheets for record keeping.

Parents, Coaches, and Teams

Please avoid judging your own players.