Section B.

                          INTRODUCTION TO UNIX


      Unix was developed at Bell Labs by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie
      in 1968-69 on a DEC PDP-7 and transferred to a PDP-11 in 1970.
      The new operating system (O/S) was designed to be a supportive
      environment for program development.  After several years of
      research, fundamentally new approaches in O/S design were
      developed including:

      - hierarchical filesystems
      - the system primitive fork
      - process control
      - the UNIX user-system interface
      - pipes.

      In 1973, Unix was successfully rewritten in "C", which had been
      evolving from "B".  The first widely released version was Unix 6th
      Edition in 1975.  Further development was done at U.C. Berkeley
      which contributed among other things, the C-shell (csh).  There
      have been numerous versions and releases including Version 6, 7;
      System III, V, VR2, 3, 4; BSD ... Unix users need to be aware that
      different versions exist as some commands work differently on
      different systems, or, may not work at all.

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