vi Command Summary

         Using vi from UNIX:

         vi file_name                  edit file_name
         vi -r file_name               recover file_name from crash

         Note: Most of the following vi commands must be preceded by a
         number for repetition.

         Basic cursor motions:

         h                             right
         j                             down
         k                             up
         l                             left
         CR                            down to first non-blank
         0                             beginning of line
         $                             end-of-line

         Screen Control:

         ^U ^D                         up or down half a page
         ^B ^F                         up or down a whole page
         ^L                            reprint page

         Note: all commands marked with a + enter input mode and are
               exited with the escape (ESC) character.

         Character input modes:
         +a                            append after cursor
         +A                            append at end-of-line
         +i                            insert before cursor
         +I                            insert before first non-blank
         +o                            add lines after current line
         +O                            add lines before current line

         Delete and change:

         dd                            delete line
         +cc                           change line
         D                             delete from cursor to EOL
         +C                            change from cursor to EOL
         x                             delete character
         +s                            change character
         +S                            change line
         rchar                         replace current char with char
         +R                            overprint change

         Word commands:

         w                             next word
         b                             back word
         e                             end of word
         dw                            delete word
         +cw                           change word

         /string/                      search for string
         ?string?                      reverse search for string
         n                             repeat last / or ?
         N                             reverse of n


         u                             undo previous command
         U                             restroe entire line
         yobject                       save object in temp buffer
         Y                             save line(s) in temp buffer
         p                             put saved buffer after cursor
         P                             put saved buffer before cursor

         Control commands:

         :w                            write file
         :wq                           write file and quit
         :q                            quit
         :q!                           quit (override checks)
         :ed-cmnd                      run the ed command ed-cmnd
         :num                          go to line num
         ZZ                            same as :wq

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